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School Campus: Rahoun Road,
Model Town, KHANNA



Over the years N.J.S.A. Public Sr. Sec. School has always been engaged in the noble task of nurturing the young minds to make them good citizens. We aim at the healthy and holistic development of the students by providing the requisite exposure through Inter House and Inter School competitions. N.J.S.A. Public School has been rendering marvelous services to the people of Khanna and helping them and their children to bond with their own heritage. This institution always focuses on all-round development of the personalities of the students in every constructive field. The students are provided nourishing, enriching and balanced environment of scholastic and co-scholastic activities so that they can evolve into intellectually sharpened, spiritually awakened and morally enriched human beings who know the essence of life and can make this world a better place to live in.




The C.B.S.E. pattern is followed in the school. Our curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects, facilitating not just knowledge, but also inspiring the students to follow the path of righteousness to imbibe rich, social, ethical and moral values and to inculcate reverence for the higher values of life for developing them into productive and useful citizens of the society. We believe that learning is a dynamic process where each student learns differently. Special coaching classes are arranged for students. Extraordinary personalities from various fields are invited to school for Expert lectures, so that students get the opportunity to learn from such inspiring people.


Abacus & Vedic Maths


We all know that many Indian primary and secondary school students consider mathematics a very difficult subject. Some students encounter difficulty with basic arithmetical operations. Some students feel it difficult to manipulate symbols and balance equations. We have introduced Abacus and Vedic Maths course for 1st Class to 5th & 6th Class onwards. Through this course we develop mathematical skills in children and strive to get rid of mathematical fear and help students excel in mathematics.


Parents Zone


We keep the parents well-informed regarding the homework and progress of students, through a closely monitored development programme. This helps us to follow remedial measures, as and when required. We encourage a regular and productive communication between parents and the teachers. Parent- Teacher meetings are held at regular intervals.


Rules & Regulations


The following rules and regulations are to be followed by students at school and home:

(1) The students should wish their teachers whenever they meet them or pass by them.

(2) Pay regards to elders.

(3) You must reach school thirty minutes in advance of the school time.

(4) Be punctual and regular.

(5) You should walk in queue while you leave and enter the classroom.

(6) You should not make noise in the school premises.

(7) Wear neat and clean uniform daily.

(8) Your shoes must be polished daily.

(9) Your nails must be pared.

(10) Switch off the light and fan whenever you leave the classroom.

(11) Read newspaper in order to be familiar with current affairs.

(12) Don’t write anything on the walls and desks.

(13) Converse in English with your teachers as well as classmates.

(14) Don’t pluck flowers and branches in the garden.

(15) Never quarrel with your classmates.

(16) Your books and notebooks must be covered.

(17) Be polite to everyone, especially to new comers.

(18) Discipline must be maintained in the classroom as well as in school campus.

(19) You should participate in Cultural and Social Activities of school in order to develop your all-round personality.

(20) Discuss your problems with your teachers without any hesitation.