ADMISSION HELPLINE +91-99141-72220
School Campus: Rahoun Road,
Model Town, KHANNA

Admission Criteria


(1) Application for admission to a class should be made on the prescribed admission form appended to the prospectus.

(2) Admission in other classes is given according to the number of seats.

(3) The number of seats can be enhanced or reduced by the Admission Committee.

(4) Admission is given on the basis of written test.

(5) Admission in any class remains open up to 10th April.

(6) Rules for Fee Concession – The real brother and sister studying in the institution are granted 50% concession in tuition fee.


Documents Required at the time of Admission


(1) Photocopy of Birth Certificate

(2) Photocopy of AADHAAR Card

(3) Two Passport Size Photos of the student

(4) Photocopy of Bank Account


Plan a Visit


We welcome you to visit the school anytime between Monday to Saturday. You can do this by fixing an appointment with the Admission Counsellor, through mail at or Telephone: 01628-630710.

During your day of visit, you can also meet the Principal or any other faculty member that you may wish.